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March 4, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Project: Chalkboard Welcome Sign


Welcoming your guests to your wedding in a warm, unique way is an excellent opportunity to set the tone for a fun, relaxed wedding. We can’t think of a better way to say “come in and enjoy yourself!” than a charming chalkboard. Not only is it fun… it is an incredibly easy DIY project! With a little spray chalkboard paint, any surface can be turned into a chalkboard. Grab the cheapest picture and frame you can find and start spray painting!

You will need:

Chalkboard paint (available at most major retail stores)

An old picture frame ( If you don’t have an old one laying around find them at thrift stores such as Goodwill.)

Decorative ribbon, Moss, shells, sparkles, flowers, etc for the frame (optional)

Step 1: remove the glass from the frame

Step 2: spray paint the glass with chalkboard paint (this may take a few coats)

Step 3: after the paint dries, insert the glass back into the frame

Step 4: get creative with a welcome note!

If you choose, decorate the frame with a ribbon, a bunch of fresh cut flowers, etc. Or, just use colored chalk to give the sign a little color. Hang on an easel, tack against a tree, lean against a fence… the more rustic the better with this fun, easy project!

From Recycled Bride

Loved making this? Well how about chalkboards for the bride and grooms chairs. Follow the same process and hang from the back of the chairs. Or perhaps you want a guest seating chalkboard or menu board. Change it up by using a window and follow the same process as above.