Meet the Owner

Megan R. Ahalim

Cocktail of Choice: Pinot Nior or Merlot

Favorite Part of a Wedding Reception: The dancing!

City “Crush”: Denver, Colorado

Favorite Hors d’ oeurve: Grilled prosicutto wrapped figs stuffed with goat cheese

Bridal Gown Designer I love: Maggie Sottero

Favorite Indulgence: Hot Stone Massage

Color Combo I’m Dying to Use: Honeysuckle and Gray

If I could be a dog I would be: Golden Retriever ( Lovable, well mannered, intelligent and always possessing

great charm. Confident and consistently a pack leader)

Dream Vacation Spot: Fiji

Coffee Order: Grande Iced Chai or Nonfat Mocha.

Best Part of my Job: The overwhelming feeling I get at the end of an event when the bride and groom are saying

good- bye. Their tearful and heartfelt ” Thank you so much for everything, it was perfect” tells me I made all

their wedding dreams come true.

Megan Ahalim, Founder of La Vita Bella Events

At La Vita Bella Events, we have an undying passion for the art of wedding planning!  And of course all the idiosyncrasies that come along with it! Although we adore planning all kinds of events, weddings are our first true love! Creativity, Uniqueness, and Style are incorporated into every one of our weddings and events. Which is why La Vita Bella Events has been recognized by clients with praise and recognition. We have been planning weddings and special events for years now, so we know what’s in and what’s out, the dos and the dont’s and what you can’t live without. We can pretty much pull anything off without a hitch, no matter how much time we have to do it! We stay on top of the trends all the while developing some of our own and consider La Vita Bella Events to be creative leaders of the business and the art of wedding and event planning! Attention to detail, a knack for organization, a fabulous attitude and a creative mind are just a few of the qualities you can expect from us. We know our clients would agree!

Visit our website for more information We look forward to hearing from you!!



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