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January 22, 2012

Wedding Planner Vs. Onsite Coordinator

Often we get asked what the difference between an onsite coordinator/Venue Manager and a certified wedding planners is?

Your hair was loose, you needed an extra hair pin…dont worry we got some in our pockets.

This is a great question, and we love to help people understand the difference that most seem to overlook or assume otherwise. This is why we have finally decided to do a little write up to help everyone clearly get this question answered- we hope this helps you all better understand so you can properly access your needs for your special day.

Wedding Planner setting up decor, even attaching the little rhinestones to that ribbon you wanted around the cake base.

The finished product. Your wedding planner will set the cake table up piece by piece. From the base, cake, monogram &/or flower placement and candles. In some cases an excellent cake delivery person will be quite helpful.

How is a Wedding Planner’s role different from a Venue Coordinator or a Catering Manager/Coordinator?

Our roles are actually hugely different, with just some minor overlaps. As your Wedding Planner, I work alongside you on all facets of your wedding. Everything matters to me, including the way your grandmother is going to arrive to the venue, and whether your mom’s corsage will have a pin or be tied on.

Day of timeline and vendor less thing for you to worry about

On the day of the wedding, I represent you, the bride and groom, and will act on your behalves to execute the wedding the way that you envision it to be. All questions will be directed to me, and between my assistants and I, we will provide hospitality for the bridal party and families, management for the vendors, styling for the decor and details, and full control on the timing and production of your event from start the finish.

Is all in the details- dont worry we can help the groom too.

Your Venue Coordinator’s role is to ensure that the site itself is protected from harm and destruction during the event, especially as vendors are coming and going with their trucks and setup. They represent the site, and will field questions that pertain to the site itself.

This onsite manager was there to let vendors in, turn lights on, the heat on etc. He was onsite..somewhere, not always around during event.

Your Catering Manager’s role is to ensure that the food and beverages are brought out in a timely manner, that the catering staff is providing exceptional service to the guests, and to partner closely with the Wedding Planner for all setup components.

Catering Manager will work closely with wedding planner, and often check in with them to ensure proper timing


From all of us at La Vita Bella Events.