A Tip or Two to Pulling Off the Plus Size Bridal Gown

If you are plus size like me, you know how much different it is to find the right wedding dress. Some may even say it’s hard to find. You can’t approach wedding dress shopping the same as most brides, walk into a store and be able to try on almost everything. I suggest you embrace that most gowns will have to be held up to you an ordered from the designer or online.

Go in to the store feeling proud of your body and don’t let any sales associate get you down.  If they feel you are uncomfortable they will be too. You, no matter what size, are still the princess bride and deserve to be treated the best.

My dad and I

Sometimes you have to go off your gut instinct and try a few dresses on that you wouldn’t normally or that wouldn’t normally be suggested to your body type. For example, countless times when I was shopping the stores would suggest I stick with empire waist or A-line dresses. I tried on many of these types of dresses, but was never quite happy enough about any of them. I was so in love with mermaid and other more form fitting dresses that I picked a few out to try regardless of what I was told to stay away from that cut of dress. Doing this, I stumbled upon a fit and flare dress that looked more than amazing held up to me. It gave me the feeling of a more fitted dress without it being overly tight like a mermaid would have been. Of course I ordered this dress, went through all the fittings and wore it on my wedding day.

The back view of the dress

On my actual wedding day the dress went off beautifully, I felt gorgeous in this dress. I did not feel self conscious or fat. I was so thankful that I ordered a dress with a lace up back, because this meant if I gained or lost weight I had a bit of leeway. I waited till the last minute to get into my dress, with the help of my makeup artist and hairdresser, who cinched me up good.  I was all set to get into the car and be dropped at the ceremony, I felt like a million bucks.

The bolero jacket and top of dress

At the garden jaws dropped and people were full of smiles and whispers of how beautiful I looked. It was a hit.


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